Long-Term Care

Most people think Long-Term Care refers to nursing home care for elderly individuals.  You might be surprised to discover who actually needs careÖ and who pays.

While itís true that nursing home care qualifies as Long-Term Care, thatís only part of the picture.

Long-Term Care encompasses a wide range of services when individuals are unable to care for themselves and need help with normal activities of daily living.  These include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring (such as moving from your bed to the bathroom).  Long-Term Care often involves the most intimate aspects of someones life.

Itís also the supervision, someone with a cognitive impairment (such as Alzheirmerís disease) typically requires.

Millions of working-age Americans need Long-Term Care while recovering from an accident, because of chronic (long-lasting) health problems or disability that affects their ability to perform everyday activities

You might be surprised how affordable protection really is, especially when you compare it to having to pay for care yourself.  You can save more by getting protection at younger ages and when you take advantage of discounts available (such as spousal or partner discounts).



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